MT receives the following documents from the seller and the buyer:
a) Documents on the property and peforms a preliminary legal analysis.
b) Documents from the buyer (ID’s) MT delivers a document wit the info on the closing process.
MT on behalf of the trustee files for the permit before the Ministry of Foreing Affairs.
MT on behalf of the trustee receive the permit of the Ministry of Foreing Affairs.
Trust Bank will iprepare the final documentation to be signed by the buyer including the disbursement instruction and liquidation statement. Trust Bank will instruct the Public Notary to proceed with the elaboration of the deed and to set a closing date. In this phase, MT sends the documentation to the Public Notary and coordinates with him the remaining steps prior to the closing.
The client will wire the money to an Escrow prior the closing date Closing meeting take place, all parties will sign the deed Upon notification from Public Notary to the Trust Bank that all parties have signed, Trust Bank will disburse funds

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